Healing Across Cultures - An Intercultural Musical Kaleidoscope Created and performed by Stefanie Rummel at the Front-Row Fringe Festival https://stefanierummel.com/tip-jars/8743 The award winning performing singer and musical theatre actress Stefanie Rummel, has lived in France, the US and Germany and shares experiences about living in other cultures. Have a look at her excerpts of her new intercultural show which highlights the benefits of getting to know other cultures. Jump into the life of other countries.... Have a look at 15 minutes of a visual, musical, singing, speaking, puppeteering and video experience. Listen to original and traditional song. Performed in English and French and up to 12 different languages. It is an intercultural musical kaleidoscope about how different and similar we are and how art units us. 13.03.2021, 12 pm CST - +7 hours Germany https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86385793655?pwd=dDVkd0xFVGQ2UVhJOXlETmlxUHBIdz09