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A musical French evening through joy and wisdom of life by looking at delicious food, haute de couture, anecdotes and French music from La "Vie en Rose" to "My Way",    
from "Brother John" to "Mozart" or from artists like "Piaf", "Dietrich", "Brel", "Michel Legrand" to "Saint Exupéry".  

Chansons, short stories, proverbs and anecdotes, describe the French life from the fish soup Bouillabaisse, the haute de couture, melancholy, living like God in France to Santa Claus traditions. Join to be part of the French way of living no matter if you speak the French or not. Listen to the passionate and humorous chansons of different decades from Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel, Lara Fabian, Michel Legrand, Claude Francois, Fernandel, traditional songs to the ZAZ, which is successful in the charts today. 

The extraordinarily charming program with depth is interpreted by Stefanie Rummel (vocals) and Andreas Sommer (piano). Learn more about the “savoir vivre” of the French. French chansons capture typical moments in life musically. These moments illuminate philosophies of life. You dive into the different cultures of France, Germany and the US.

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Cooperations - French Shows

In cooperation with a French catering company or restaurant, food can be served before the start of the show and after the intermission and the end of this French show "Chansons". French allicances can be good cooperation partners for connecting with the right audiences. 

  • French catering  
  • Institut Française 
  • German General Consulate 
  • Representations of the countries featured

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